Backpack Breakdown – Part 4

A: This patch I made myself. It is leather, and stamped with a pattern I designed. It's hard to make out in this picture, but it's the silhouette of a hiker with text that reads "Not all those who wander are lost".

B: I can't remember where I acquired this USA patch. I've had it on the backpack for years, but have no idea where i acquired it. It's starting to fray around the edges now.

C: I made this Batman pin at a Maker Faire that Sean and I went to in Dover, New Hampshire. There was a booth there where you could cut pictures out of comic books, and they had a button press that you could use to make a button. Sean made one too - I think his is also on his backpack.

D: This patch came from Shenandoah National Park, and was acquired on the same trip I mentioned earlier. The Skyline Drive is a national treasure - everyone should make an effort to drive it at least once. I'm definitely up to try it again.

E: Lost Maples State Natural Area was a state park near where we lived in Texas. It was a pretty cool park. Not a whole lot of topography, even though it is in the Texas hill country. We once camped at that park with Paige, and she spent most of the night growling at squirrels that were nosing around the camp once we were in the tent. It was very cute.

F: This patch is a copy of a New Hampshire license plate - just a bit of New Hampshire pride!

G: Mizpah Springs Hut was the first of the AMC High Huts I ever visited. It was a great trip, and left me the desire to eventually see ALL of the huts. A buddy from work wants to try and hit three huts this summer!

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