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Snow Shots

Mom, Grandma King, and the two little'uns playing outside in the snow early last week.

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Birthday T-shirts

I got a screenprinting kit for Christmas (thanks, Mom!), and tried it out by making t-shirts for Sean's birthday party. I got some clearance t-shirts at Wally's for only a couple of bucks apiece, and made some Mario-themed shirts for the kids' goodie-boxes. I forgot to take a picture of a finished shirt, but I'll do that soon. Here are a few pictures of the screen itself, that I used to print the shirts.

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Sean’s Birthday Party

Sean's birthday party was last weekend. This is the first birthday he's had with his friends, rather than ours. It was a blast. We had it at Party Playland, and they were awesome. They took care of everything, from keeping the kids entertained, to cutting and serving the cake. They even kept a list of who brought what while he opened presents, which helped a ton when it came time to put together thank you cards.

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Puppet Theater

The kids made these little scratch-art dinosaurs the other day, and then - completely on their own - came up with the idea to turn this old cardboard box into a little puppet theater. Mommy cut the window, but they did the decorating themselves. When I got home from work, they put on a little puppet show for me. I love being a dad. :)

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Just a fun picture of Sean and Carter running in the kitchen and sliding on the linoleum. Lori snapped it at just the right moment.

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