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CRT2014: Mini-Golfing

Our last stop along the road trip was for ice cream at Kimball's. But when we got there it was too early for ice cream and we had to kill some time. So we played a round of mini-golf to pass the time. We found out that we both are really, really terrible at it! Heh.

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CRT2014: Syracuse

One stop along our road trip was at the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, NY. We got there early and had to kill some time, so we walked around downtown Syracuse for a while. Unfortunately we don't really have any pictures from inside the museum - we were having too much fun to remember to take any pictures!

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CRT2014: Boldt Castle

Another stop we made was at Boldt Castle, which is situated on Heart Island in the middle of the St. Laurence River. It's in the process of being restored, but you can wander the entire castle - even the sections that have yet to be restored at all. We had to take a boat shuttle out to the castle, which Carter thought was pretty cool.

The inside of the castle was pretty cool. A lot of the plaster work has been repaired and the stained glass dome was impressive. And in addition to the main castle you can also walk around the boat house, the dove-cote, and the children's "playhouse" (which was a tower of its own, completed with a two-lane bowling alley in the basement).

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CRT2014: Raccoon Sighting

During a hike at Robert Moses State Park - right on the Canadian border - we startled a raccoon while walking through the woods. It shimmied up a tree and stared at us for as long as we were within view. It was Carter's first time seeing a raccoon in the wild, and she thought he was pretty cute. The trail was super-muddy, unfortunately. But there was no one else there. The trail ran right along the St. Laurence River, and right across the river was Canada. Of course, it didn't look any different than our side of the river. I think Carter expected it to look obviously different.

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CRT2014: Ben & Jerry’s Factory

One of our stops was at the Ben and Jerry's Factory near Burlington, VT. We took the tour and got ourselves a big bowl of ice cream afterwards. Carter was really impressed with the factory - she loved seeing the ice cream being made. We also saw the "Flavor Graveyard", where all the flavors that never caught on with the public end up.

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CRT2014: Mt. Kearsarge

Our first stop on the road trip was to climb Mt. Kearsarge in New Hampshire. I'd read that it was kid-friendly, and had a really nice view from the top. Unfortunately our day was very foggy - in fact, the entire summit was wrapped in a cloud and ridiculously windy.

Carter had to "pee on a tree", as she calls it. She also got to meet a puppy named "Carter", which was kind of cool. And we also found a bunch of really interesting quartz for the rock tumbler - a lot of the ones we found seem to have pink or red veins running through them. They should be beautiful when we polish them up!

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Carter and I just returned from the road trip we've been planning for the last couple of months. We covered a little over a thousand miles and four states over the last four days. We're hoping to make this an annual thing, and to go somewhere new each time.

For this first trip we drove up to Burlington, VT and Lake Champlain, then along the St. Laurence River to Lake Ontario, through the Catskill Mountains (NY) and the Berkshires (MA) and back to New Hampshire. We got within a stone's throw of Canada, and passed through Mexico along the way - well Mexico, NY, at least. Heh.

Carter had a great time, and did amazing in the car - even on Day 3, when we had to drive for several hours without a stop. She looked out the windows and took pictures, colored her coloring book, listened and sang along to music with me, played road games - and when all else failed, she took naps. She loved staying in the hotels and swimming in the pools, too. And each morning she delighted in the various breakfast offerings at the hotels - I don't know where she was putting all that food.

We've got plenty of stop-specific details and photos to share, and will use them for a set of upcoming posts!

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Arcade Cabinet

One of the first projects I tacked with my new workbench is something that I've been promising Sean for a long time - a stand-up arcade machine. We had one in Texas, but had no room for it in the new house and I had to get rid of it. Now with a modern LCD TV (as opposed to giant old-school tube) and a Raspberry Pi inside (rather than a full tower PC) I was able to build one both inexpensively and a lot lighter and shallower than the original. All it needs now is the bezel glass over the screen to hide the last of the wood, and then it will be done. I don't think we're going to bring it up to his room until after the cookout, though - I want to give everyone a chance to enjoy it before it goes upstairs.

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Tinkering Workbench

I needed another workbench that wasn't in the garage, that I could use for tinkering around with electronics projects. The problem is that the garage is too cold in the winter, and all the sawdust is bad for the type of stuff I'd like to work on. So I decided to build a workbench in the basement, and what you see below is the result.

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