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What a Cutie!

These are just a couple of cute photos of Carter that I took Christmas morning. Isn't she such a sweetie? She was making goofy faces at me all morning, and I managed to catch a couple of them for your viewing pleasure.
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Christmas Morning, 2008

A little belated, but here are some pictures from Christmas morning. This was definitely the best Christmas so far with the kids. They really started getting the idea this year. For a few weeks before Christmas, they were constantly talking about Santa, and how he was going to come down the chimney and eat our cookies, and then leave us presents. They were really excited that morning, and as we came downstairs they were just bouncing with excitement. We didn't get any pictures of the actual present-opening process, but here are some of them playing later that morning with some of their new toys.

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Gingerbread House

We finally got the laptop back from ASUS, and luckily they didn't have to wipe the hard drive. We had downloaded all of our Christmas pictures onto the laptop the same morning it broke, so we thought that they might be gone forever. These photos are from while we were stuck up north during the ice storm. I had picked up a gingerbread house kit to try to give them something to do. We ended up having a really great time putting it together, aided more than a little bit by them eating large quantities of the frosting as we were decorating.

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This past Thanksgiving, I pulled the wishbone out of the turkey for the kids to try. Once it had completely dried out, I explained to them what they should do with it. At first, they looked at me like I had lost my marbles. Why exactly do we make wishes while we break an animal's bones? Once I convinced them what to do, they did seem to enjoy it, though.
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Grandma King

Grandma King has been helping us out with the kids a ton lately. Between doctor's appointments, and Sean's preschool screening, and getting the van to and from the shop - I don't what we would have done without her. I love this picture - don't they just look so happy with her?

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Sean’s Birthday

With everybody sick, we decided not to have Sean's birthday party on his actual birthday. But that didn't mean we didn't still want to celebrate. So to start the day off right, we had cake and ice cream for breakfast, complete with candles. The kids were blown away - they thought that the world had turned upside-down. After breakfast, Sean got to open a birthday present. And once we were all done with that, we got dressed and headed to the bowling alley for a couple of strings of fun. The kids had a great time, as you can see.
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We've decided to let Carter's bangs grow out, and I've been trying to get a cute picture of her for the last few days. But lately, every time the flash goes off, she closes her eyes. Isn't she such a cutie though?
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42 Words of Wisdom: #12

"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong, it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair."

- Douglas Adams

We have had quite a string of bad luck over the last few months. Each event taken seperately is not that terrible, but taken as a whole it is starting to seem a little overwhelming. First, I discovered that the framing behind the front porch and the headers over the garage were rotten, and had to be repaired. Then, the ground froze before I could get concrete footings poured for the new porch - so we are porch-less until the spring. Next, we got hit with an ice storm that left us without power for eleven days. When the power finally came back and we tried to come home (two days before Christmas) the heat didn't work yet. Once the heat started working and we were back in the house - which was Christmas Eve at this point - we lost the power again, at 2:00 AM on Christmas morning. The day after Christmas, my laptop died - totally bricked. It's still out for repair (it was thankfully still under warranty), and I have no idea if they will be able to fix it without wiping the hard drive - which contains all the work I've done since my last backup, including our Christmas pictures for this year (which is why I haven't posted them yet, in case you were wondering). And then last week, the whole family started getting sick. Come to find out (yesterday), Carter has bacterial pnuemonia, Lori has a sinus infection, and I've got bronchitis. And to top it all off, we had to bring the van to the shop yesterday, as it had started giving Lori trouble with the power steering. Sweet merciful crap! I thought bad luck was only supposed to come in threes?!? Sorry to post a rant, but it feels better to get it off my chest. :)

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Fun in the Snow

Last Wednesday while it was snowing, we took the tykes outside to play. This was only Carter's second real time in the snow. Last year we took her outside once, but she was still too little to really enjoy it much. We tried to do a little sledding on the slope behind our shed. For such a little hill, it was actually a pretty good run. Sean especially enjoyed it - every time we went down, he wanted to go faster and further the next time. While we were back there, I though I spotted a good hill or two in our back woods that might be worth further investigation. I love Sean's pose in that bottom right-hand photo - he looks like some kind of Kung-Fu master.
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Carter’s Christmas

Here are a pair of pics of Carter's Christmas. I love the sunglasses - she looks like a movie star in them. She's been wearing them everywhere ever since she opened them. Sometimes she also talks on her new little toy cellphone at the same time. In the second shot, she's wearing a pair of butterfly wings that light up. She can't get enough of those, either. She loves to play dress-up. Next year we will have to pick up even more surplus Halloween costumes after the holiday.

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