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Just some cute leftover pics, that didn't have any unifying theme. But I still wanted to put them up anyway - so enjoy.

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The Great Escape

Sound the alarm! Put out an APB! Carter, the notorious master criminal, has enacted her escape! After using her dastardly cuteness to lull the guards into relaxing their vigilance, she has stolen the keys to a vehicle and made a break for it. If anyone spots her, please contact the NH State Police. She is 2 feet tall, 20 pounds, rosy-cheeked, and was last seen in a pink jacket and blue jeans. Be advised, due to the potency of her crooked grin, she is to be considered armed and dangerous!

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So Happy Together

The kids are becoming closer and closer friends as time goes by. They do everything together, and - knock on wood - they don't ever fight. The only time either of them gets upset with each other is if Sean takes a toy from Carter - but he usually feels bad and gives it back. It makes me so happy to see them together. It's the highlight of my day.

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Hamming It Up

Look at these pictures - Carter is becoming quite the little ham. Every time the camera gets anywhere near her, she cracks a huge grin and says "cheese!" She reminds me of my sister, Tracy. As a little one, she couldn't get enough of the camera either.

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