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Another Bookcase

I built another bookcase for under my electronics workbench, to handle some of the excess stuff that was starting to encroach on my workbench space. It's not even half full yet, but I'm sure it won't take me long to fill it up.

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Lego Mindstorms

Sean and I had a deal - if he saved up half the money for a Lego Mindstorms robotics set, we would pay the other half. Surprisingly, he did it! Which is strange because the joke is that whenever he has two nickels to rub together, he spends them. But somehow he did it. He was in a summer camp this year (and one last year) that was based around Lego Mindstorms, so he knew what he was getting into and couldn't wait to have his own set. He's been building all kinds of stuff ever since it arrived. The picture here is what he calls the R-Pet v2.0 ('R-Pet', as in 'Robotic Pet'). It can play fetch, detect different colors and has a 'favorite' color, wag its tail, respond to touch (pat it too many times and it will growl), and dance. He's been brainstorming what to add to it next!

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Whale Watch

Lori went on a whale watch with her dad yesterday - they didn't see many whales, but they did see a whole lot of sea lions, and a pretty nice lighthouse.

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