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Ron Mueck

You've got check out the work of Australian sculptor Ron Mueck. His work is amazingly realistic, and sometimes it is only the scale of the piece that gives away its artificial nature. The link above will take you to an article about a exhibition of his work at the Brooklyn Museum, and this link will take you to the Wiki page about him.

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Scenes from Space #41

Check out this amazing shot of Europa (one of Jupiter's moons) rising above the Jovian horizon. This image was taken by the New Horizons spacecraft during its fly-by of Jupiter on its way to Pluto. I did some work on New Horizons, and I'm very proud to have been part of what has so far been a very successful misson.

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The Great White Tooth

We've got news - Carter is cutting teeth! Her two front ones, on the bottom. No pictures yet, but you can see them coming through her gums. Should only be a week or so until you will see her toothy little grin on this site. We didn't notice them right away because she hasn't been complaining at all about them yet. Hopefully that bodes well for the rest of her teeth to come, but I'm not counting on it. :)
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Tubby Time

Last night Carter got her first bath in the big-girl tub. Worried that she might not quite like it, we thought we'd put her in with Sean to distract her. It was pretty cute - she idolizes her big brother. She spent the whole time watching every move he made in rapt attention. And for his part, he hardly noticed that she was there, unless she was between him and a rubber duck and he had to climb around her.

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Our Mother’s Day Outing

For mother's day we went to the park for a picnic. We brought lunch and a blanket, and sat down by the river. Sean spent the whole time waist-deep in the water, and by the time we persuaded him to come out his teeth were chattering, and his feet were blue and pruney. Carter was tireless in her determination to get a rock into her mouth. I think she thought that because we were trying so hard to stop her, they must in fact be delicious - which made her try all the harder. The weather was perfect - high 70's, clear skies, and a slight breeze. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Hopefully this is the first of a series of weekend outings to come.

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Beware Tree-Dwelling Bovines

I cut the back lawn today, and we were spending some time back there playing in the dirt. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the birds were chirping - at least, I think they were birds. Every time an (alleged) bird chirped, sean pointed to a nearby tree and said "a cow, a cow!" It was half anouncement and half question, as though he were looking for confirmation. Needless to say, Lori and I were somewhat amused. We tried to correct him. I said "it's not a cow, Sean." He thought for a minute, cocking his head, and replied confidently - "a pig, a pig!" The whole event was humorous enough to inspire me to draw this simple comic to commemerate the occasion.

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Sit Up and Take a Bow

Guess who's sitting up? It started about a week or so ago. And she's loving it, because now there are a lot of different toys she can play with.

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Little Woman

This afternoon, while carter was getting ready to eat her lunch, I noticed that she was wearing different clothes than Lori normally dresses her in. And for some reason, she looked much more grown up in those clothes. She looks less like a little baby, and more like a little girl. In the pictures on the left, she was getting anxious for lunch and decided to try to eat her feet instead. In the pictures on the right, she's just being her adorable little self. You can see that her hair is starting to come in, and I can't wait! Pigtails and barettes - here we come!

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The Tongue Bandit

Carter likes to play this game lately - if you stick your tongue out at her, she will stick hers out at you too. She really seams to enjoy it too, as she grins and laughs the whole time. And she's got such a cute little pointy tongue.

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My Peeps

I just love this photo of my three favorite people. Sean and Carter were both playing with the piano, and somehow Sean was not having any trouble sharing with her. Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend, where Sean will show more interest in playing with his sister.
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