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Zonked, Part Duex

Another picture of Carter passed out on the couch, apparently in the middle of a play session. I love how her face is just mashed into the cushions, and her legs are sticking straight out. If she wasn't two, I'd be convinced she had narcolepsy.

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The last few days Sean has been into doing "tricks". As soon as I walk in the door, he says, "Hey Dad, want to see my cool tricks?" Then he runs across the kitchen and slides on his stocking feet. Sometimes he crashes into the floormat at the edge of the kitchen and falls over. He'll do this over and over - and he makes sure that I do it, too. I love it. Sometimes he even throws a flourish in there too, with his arms.

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Dunkin Donuts

Carter is crazy for donuts. I am talking near-obsession here. Almost every weekend, she asks me if I'll go get some Dunkin Donuts. And just in the last few months we've started giving her her own glass of milk, so that she can dip her own donuts. And she inevitably gets the rim of the glass coated with chocolate frosting, and then tries to drink from the glass - which causes the chocolate ring on her face that you see in this photo.

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Pajamas and Snowmen

I took the kids outside to play while it was snowing a week or so ago, and got this great picture of Carter. We were out there a long time - probably a couple of hours, if I had to guess. I took them straight outside right after breakfast - they were actually still wearing their pajamas under their snowsuits. The snow was perfect - it wasn't too cold out there, and the snow had just the right amount of moisture in it for packing. Sean had been asking to build a snowman during every snowstorm for the last month or two - but the snow had been too fluffy every time. So we had a snowball fight, and then settled in to build a snowman. But this day, every time we started getting a snowman built he would destroy it. I think there is some genetically coded into children to put them into "Godzilla Mode" every time anything is stacked on top of something else. .... MUST .... DESTROY .... !

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Coyote Feet

The kids do this a lot - put on our shoes and walk around the house. They find it utterly hilarious. When Sean does it, he says that he has "coyote feet". One time, I told him that Mommy had huge "Wile E. Coyote Feet", to mean that they were long and floppy. They aren't, but I was just being silly. Now, every time he sees big feet on anyone, he tells me that they've got coyote feet too.

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After dinner tonight, Sean was pretending to be a robot. He started chasing Lori around the house, yelling "Nine-Thirty-Six!" in a robot voice, while walking stiff-legged with his arms outstretched. I have no idea where the number came from, but for some reason it really struck my funny bone. I was laughing so much I was actually having trouble breathing.
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You Ruined Everything

I heard a song a few days ago that really sums up what life with kids is like. :)

I was fine,
I pulled my self together.
Just in time,
To throw my self away.
Once my perfect world was gone I knew,
You ruined everything in the nicest way.

You should know,
How great things were before you.
Even so,
They're better still today.
Now I can't think of who I was before,
You ruined everything in the nicest way.

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Little Lady

Lori took this photo last week, while giving Carter a bath. When I look at this picture, I feel like you can kind of see what she is going to look like as a full-grown woman. And she is going to be a looker, I tell you! Which Lori and I have mixed feelings about, as any parents would about their daughter. :)

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