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CNC Machine – Part 3

I really intended to post a lot more intermediate steps from the build - but I got caught up in the build itself, and forgot to document it. So in these pics the physical build of the machine is all done - but it still needs the electronics wired up, and will probably need some tuning of the axes. Along the way I also decided to build a whole new stand, which will have an integrated toolbox and shelves and such for holding stock - the stand is structurally complete, but I still need to wrap the sides in some nice birch plywood and trim everything out with hardwood to hide that cheap framing lumber. I had to order a few loose ends tonight before I can start wiring everything - so hopefully it will all come before next weekend so I can get started on the wiring!

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CNC Machine – Part 2

Last weekend I added the X-axis rails to the machine, which turned out to not be too bad. Next up is the gantry - which I've already started but don't have pictures of yet.

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Plum Island

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10 Years – 1000th Post!

Today we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the blog - and (not exactly coincidentally) our 1000th post! Thanks everyone! Here's to another 10 years!

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The Twins

Just a couple of pictures of my sister's twins that I found on my camera, that I must have missed before. What a couple of cuties!

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CNC Machine – Part 1

Started the CNC machine this week - so far I've got the rolling base and the table bed complete. The stand is built so that the bed (and the machine attached to it) can be pivoted down into the body of the stand, so that it takes up less space when stored - and also that it can fit through standard interior doorways. Next up are the X-axis rails, which are built from black iron gas pipe supported on 2x4s - I'm guessing getting them exactly parallel will be the tricky part.

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Next Project – CNC Machine

The next project I plan to tackle is a CNC machine, with a trim router as the cutter head. The laser engraver that I built last year was a sort of "trial run" for this project, as the laser engraver was smaller scale and cheaper, and only had two axes (compared to the three that the CNC machine will have). The plans I am following come from Solsylva, and are quite detailed. Excited to get started!

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Odiorne State Park

Sean and I went out to Odiorne State Park on Monday. We checked out the Seacoast Science Center (small, but cool) and took a walk along the shore. At the far end of the rocky beach was a small peninsula where people had made lots of rock stacks. This one in particular caught my eye, with its window-like shape.

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