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It Is Your Birthday

My birthday was last week, and when I came home from work my daughter had put up this sign in my bedroom. It's a joke from The Office, when Dwight throws Kelly a birthday party and makes a sign like this - not even an exclamation point! :)

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Couple of Cute Moments

Here are a couple of random cute photos we got of the dog lately. In the photo on the left, she was taking a break after utterly *destroying* a stuffed toy we got her. In the one on the right, she is laying in Sean's bed and soaking up the son - but I love the way her back legs are strung out behind her, rather than being tucked up under her like normal.

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Snuggle Pup

Sean took this picture of Amber and I snuggling in for a Saturday nap. She is legitimately the 'snuggliest' dog I have ever encountered. She eventually settled he head onto my shoulder and snored against my next for the better part of an hour.

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A Tangle of Feet

I found Amber sleeping this way the other day. She apparently found it comfortable, but I'm not sure how. I'm not even sure how she ended up that way.

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Did Someone Sit on a Cat?

Carter has decided to join the school band, and wants to learn how to play the trumpet. She just got it at the start of the summer, so she's trying to teach herself the basics before the school year starts. She's improving slightly - she's gone from sounding like a dying baby elephant, to some sort of baby elephant in serious gastrointestinal distress. Progress!

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Welcome Amber!

We adopted a new dog about a month ago - we finally wore down Lori's resistance! Her name is Amber, and she's about 2 years old and about 50 pounds. She's more or less the best dog I've ever seen. She's had no accidents, she loves to snuggle (but not *too* much), and loves to play (but also, not *too* much). She's fit right in so far, and it feels like she's been with us forever already.

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We Moved!

It's been pretty quiet here on the blog, but I've got a good excuse - we moved! It's only a couple of miles from the old house - we wanted to keep the kids in the same schools. But it gives us more space, plus a neighborhood that we can actually walk around - and the kids have friends in this neighborhood too, which is a big plus. Here are a couple teaser pics of the new place.

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Bedrock Gardens

A few weekends ago Lori, the kids and I met my sister and her kids at Bedrock Gardens, in Nottingham, NH. This place was really cool - I wish I had taken more pictures. It's basically a 20-acre garden in the middle of the woods, with all kinds of sculptures everywhere you look. They're only open two weekends a month - we'll have to get back there sometime and take more photos.

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Field Trip – Odiorne State Park

Lori and I chaperoned a field trip to Odiorne State Park. Our group ended up consisting of just Carter and one of her friends. It was pretty cool to explore the tide pools and look for sea life. The weather was pretty amazing too.

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Day at the Beach

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