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Carter has been spending a lot of time upside-down at the table lately. She just accidentally did this one day, and has done it on purpose ever since. I especially like the one on the right, where we were all playing go fish, and it got to Carter's turn, and the only thing sticking above the table was her feet.

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We busted out the bikes yesterday and rode up and down the driveway. Lesson learned - it is pretty tough to turn an adult-sized bike around in a driveway without putting a foot down. They just don't have a tight enough turning radius.

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Here's a picture of Carter and her little BFF from school. Apparently, they are never apart. I just wish Carter would stop sticking her tongue out in every picture we take of her these days.

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Carter the Photographer

At Andi's bridal shower, Lori let Carter take the camera, and she went around snapping photos of whatever interested her. I had to weed through a whole of unrecognizable photos of various items in my Mom's house, but hidden among the chaff were these two really great pictures of Auntie Andi. And that last photo is of some lunatic who escaped her cage during the party. Don't worry - we got her back on her chemical restraints in short order. :P

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Auntie Andi

A cute photo of Carter with her Auntie Andi, at Auntie Andi's bridal shower. When we first moved back to New England, we lived in my folks' house for a while, while we looked for a house. Andi was still living at home at the time, and Carter got to spend a lot of time with her. Now, she adores Andi. I think that consistent day-to-day time for a few months really cemented their relationship.

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Origami – More Misc. Models

A couple of additional models - a set of four interlocking triangular prisms (made from penultimate modules), and an icosidodecahedron made using the 'snapology' technique. The final picture is a shot of my desk at work. As you can see, my collection is getting pretty large. I've been getting lots of complements and questions about for the past few weeks.

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