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Pokemon Lincocuts

I've been doing some more linocuts lately, and have started using Pokemon as inspiration - they're fun and interesting, and there a hundreds of potential subjects to do if I decide to keep going with these. The one on the left is Magikarp (a notoriously weak and pitiful Pokemon), and the one on the right is Bulbasaur - although this isn't a photo of the actual print, but rather of the cut linoleum block before I've ever tried to pull a print from it. I plan to try and pull the first print from that block later today.

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Carter has been baking a bunch lately, and recently made this beautiful and delicious focaccia bread. It's making my mouth water just looking at the photo!

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More Linocuts

I've still been enjoying the linocut process quite a bit - it's very deliberate and relaxing. Here are a couple of recent ones I've completed. The one on the left is The Maxx (from an old show I used to watch on MTV in high school), and the one on the right is Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender (a show I've watched with my kids that is surprisingly awesome).

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New Planters

A lot of our plants have been doing great with all of the extra sun they've been getting since I finished the planter stand for our big window. So I made a bunch of new planters that I could repot some of them into, as they were starting to outgrow their pots. This is just a sampling of some of the new ones.

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Record Crate

Got a record player right after Christmas, and built this record album storage crate out of some old pallet wood I had leftover from the pallet that my lathe arrived on. I've only got a few records so far, but there's just something fun about them.

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