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Preschool Graduation

We went to the kids' preschool graduation yesterday. I especially love that last shot - with Carter smiling in the foreground, and Sean laughing uproariously in the background. That was taken while the clown was telling jokes. Both kids found her hilarious.

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Cottage on the Lake

Last week, Lori and the kids went up north with her mom and her mom's friend John. They stayed in a beautiful little place on a lake, and from the pictures I'd say that they had an awesome time. Seeing that one photo of the lake with the mountains in the background makes me really anxious to get up to the mountains myself. Can't wait!

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Here are some pics from the weekend before last. We had Tracy's kids stay overnight, and it went really well. Beforehand, Olivia was our biggest worry. What if she was just inconsolable, and wouldn't settle for anyone other than her mom? It turned out to be no problem at all - she didn't give us one peep of trouble the whole weekend. All the kids did great.

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