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Sean & Dad

Another random photo Sean and I snapped while outside today. In fact, it was his idea. He said he wanted to see more photos of the two of us together, and wanted me to take one right then. I think it came out pretty decent!

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Little Biker

Snapped this picture randomly while outside today, but for some reason I really like it. He's really starting to look comfortable on that bike. Can't wait to get him out on some trails!

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Flying a Kite

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Kid’s Picnic Table

Built a picnic table for the kids on Saturday. Lori had wanted a nice spot for them to eat outside - and do all of the things that make too much of a mess to do inside.

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Beach Trip

Auntie Tracy and Uncle Mike took all three kids to the beach last weekend on an exceptionally beautiful day. Looks like they had a great time. At one point, they completely buried Sean, leaving only his head exposed. Oh, how many days I've wanted to do the exact same thing... Heh.

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Carter’s Story to Grammy

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Sean’s Artwork

I really like this painting Sean created in art class at school. All of the kids painted something, and then the school sent home an order form where you could order various things that had your child's painting on them - framed copies, stickers, tote bags, and the like. We ordered this frames time with his painting on it. It's like he painted it to match our living room on purpose - the colors he chose go perfectly with the color scheme we've got going on in there.

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Bike Trail – Bridge

I've been working on cutting a bike / walking trail through our back woods, and have started to build a little bridge across a swampy spot near the cabin. It's not finished yet, but I wanted to share a picture of the progress. So far, building the bridge has been easy - but finding, lugging, and arranging the stones that I've used as footings was the killer. I wanted them to be big enough to not shift once I'd put them in place, which meant that they were at the absolute upper limit of what I can carry alone. Whew!

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Odiorne Point

With the kids riding their bikes so well, last weekend we decided to take a drive out to Odiorne Point State Park, and ride the paved bike trail along the shore. The kids did really good - they finally got a chance to ride some distance, without having to turn around constantly like they do in the driveway. We also did a little exploring on foot - we headed out across the salt marsh and found a nice tiny section of sandy beach.

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Yesterday Sean finally graduated to a two-wheeler! He went from not being able to do it, to riding with no training wheels on driveway, dirt, gravel - you name it! Carter was so jealous, that she asked me to take her training wheels off as well. I tried to convince her that she wasn't ready yet, and she would just get discouraged, etc., etc. But she talked me into taking them off anyway, and lo-and-behold! She was cruising right along, no problem! Lori took a little video of them riding around - click below to watch it.

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