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Seeing Double

Is it just me, or do Sean and Carter really look a lot alike? Check out these pics, both taken within the last few days. I have the feeling that if I dug back through Sean's pictures at her age, I could find one where he was making that exact face. He would have had even less hair, of course. Heh Heh.

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Big Brother

The chitlins have been spending a lot more time 'together'. And what I really mean is that Sean has finally noticed that Carter is more than just an eating and crying machine. He has recently discovered that she is in fact a little person, and has been interacting with her a lot more. He sits and talks to her, brings her stuff, and sometimes makes rudimentary attempts to play with her. I think he is going to love it when she gets a bit bigger and walks around. He doesn't get much exposure to other toddlers, and having a 'live-in' playmate should be a lot of fun for him. As long as she's not a tattle-tale, of course.

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The Little Miss

Check out that smile on the left. You can see already that she will be a beautiful woman some day. And that face on the right. Just this week she has started making that face and talking like crazy. She has become so much more vocal just in the last week. It's adorable.

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Mama Returns!

Lori has not been interested in being in many pictures since Carter was born. She retained so much fluid with her pregnancy that she blew up like a balloon, and didn't want anyone to see her on the website until she started to get back to her pre-pregnancy body. Well that has finally started to happen. Horray!

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Reading Club Meeting

Today was the first meeting of the Toddler-Canine Reading Club. Unfortunately, Sadie found her book too relaxing, and fell asleep soon after the meeting was begun. Sean has really been into reading his books lately, and he requests a book every night when I tuck him in at bedtime. In the morning, we sometimes find him fast asleep still clutching the book we gave him the night before.

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We had originally planned to go to the playground this past Sunday. But it threatened to rain all day, so we stayed in instead. Lori and I have been talking about getting Sean involved in more activities around the house now that he is getting bigger, so today I decided that he and I would make cupcakes together. Resounding success! Sean poured the water and oil into the bowl, helped me mix, and as you can see here, he helped with the cleanup.

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Singing in the Rain

Today Sean got his first taste of one of my favorite of life's simple pleasures - playing outdoors in the pouring rain. It was warm enough where I wasn't worried about him catching a chill. We spent a solid fifteen minutes stomping around the backyard, trying to see who could make the biggest splash. He just laughed maniacally the whole time. When we finally came in, I had to throw him right in the tub - he was covered in muddy water from head to toe.

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Scenes from Space #39

Dang! I missed the lunar eclipse a few nights ago! But I did catch this great shot of the eclipse on the web.

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Orbital Express Launch

Orbital Express launched on March 8, 2007. I did a ton of work on Orbital Express - I've got over ten thousand lines of code flying on that mission. And this isn't just a routine satellite mission either. Here's a quote from the DARPA website:

"The goal of the Orbital Express Space Operations Architecture program is to validate the technical feasibility of robotic, autonomous on-orbit refueling and reconfiguration of satellites to support a broad range of future U.S. national security and commercial space programs."

Is that cool, or what?! w00t w00t!

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Grandparents Galore!

What a month for visits! The kids have had a grandparent extravaganza this month. Ok, we maybe only two grandparents. But still, that's a high density compared to normal. Luckily, Grandma got here right as everyone was starting to feel better. She had a great time, and really enjoyed the chance to bond with her grandkids.

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