Backpack Breakdown – Part 3

A: This patch came from Shenandoah National Park (in Virginia), which is another National Park Lori and I drove through during our road trip to Texas while moving. The Skyline Drive through Shenandoah is something everybody should experience.

B: This Palico came with the copy of Monster Hunter 4 Sean and I bought for the New 3DS. I am really enjoying Monster Hunter 3, so I stuck the pin on my backpack. No deeper story behind this one. :)

C: I got this patch from Cafepress when I started feeling less than ridiculous on the ukulele. I should practice a lot more than I do, but at least the little skill I have hasn't faded. This summer I plan to finish the Tenor size ukes I've been building (I've already built several Soprano-sized ukes). Hopefully that will convince me to start practicing more consistently again.

D: I got this one at the same time as I got the AMC patch in the last post. During the Great Depression, the CCC built a lot of the trails and shelters that have helped get me addicted to hiking - so I really appreciate their efforts.

E: Carter Notch Hut is one of the High Huts maintained by the AMC in the White Mountain National Forest. The Huts provide a dinner, breakfast, and a bunk. They are a great way to do some longer-distance hikes without having to pack in all of your overnight gear - which also means they are an easy introduction to backpacking for those who are new to the idea. Carter Notch Hut is one of my favorites.

F: This patch was handmade by someone on Etsy, and is a reference to one of my favorite books - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. Douglas Adams was my first introduction to dry British wit, and that sort of humor has always tickled me to this day. He passed before his time, and is greatly missed.

G: Galehead Hut is another of the AMC High Huts, and is one of the most remote. I plan to return to Galehead this summer, as my trip there last summer was all rain, all the time. It was still a great trip, but the guys I was with missed out on the amazing above treeline ridge walks near the hut. Here's to better luck next time!

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