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Leather Tooling – Uke Patch

I've been thinking about picking up a new 'indoor' hobby for the winter - something I haven't tried before. I decided to give leather tooling a try. As an experiment, today I tried to make a patch for my backpack. I still need to stain and seal it, but I think it came out half-decent. This winter I think I am going to try to make a few things when it is too cold to go out to the workshop - a belt, a wallet, and maybe a ukulele strap. The kids have shown some interest in giving it a try too.

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Snuggling with Sadie

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Halloween 2013

Both kids decided to go with scarier costumes this year - Sean's was so scary that we decided to get him a different one for school so he wouldn't freak out the Kindergarteners. He made at least one little girl cry during Trick-or-Treat last night - not on purpose, of course. And when I was putting on Carter's face paint she kept stressing that she wanted me to make sure there was 'blood' dripping down from her mouth. So much for the days of princesses and Pokemon!

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I Feel Old

"You didn't have the internet when you were a kid? Wow - that sounds like a pretty boring life."

- Something my son just said to me

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Carter’s Cigar Box Uke

Carter asked me to help her work on her cigar box uke the past couple of weekends - she didn't want to wait for the boys. We actually finished hers up yesterday - it came out really good! She's very proud of it.

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Cigar Box Ukulele

I made my own cigar box uke before the kids started theirs, to figure out how they would go together and which parts the kids could do themselves. I finished it a few weeks ago but forgot to post a picture of it - so here ya go! For fun I ended up mixing tuner sets and inlaying a few coins in the fingerboard. It actually sounds half decent, too!

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Cider Hill Farm

Yesterday we headed out to Cider Hill Farm to pick out some pumpkins for carving - and of course I had to avail myself of some warm cider donuts. It's a good thing we only go there once a year, or I would get twice as chubby on those things!

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Rockingham Recreation Trail

Lori, Dad, and I rode our bikes from Epping to Manchester today along the Rockingham Recreation Trail - about 18.5 miles total. A sunnier day would have been nice to really make the foliage pop, but it was still a very nice ride.

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Carter Joined the Girl Scouts

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Mt. Osceola

Mt. Osceola is another of NH's 4000 footers that I haven't tried yet. Some of the guys from work and I headed up to try it. Luckily the rain held off long enough for us to get up and down again before it started. The view from the top was better than I expected - much more open than the pictures I saw online led me to believe. The foliage was pretty colorful - but it would have 'popped' a lot more if the sun had come out.

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