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HTPC – Features

I've recently started putting together an HTPC to go along with our new LCD TV. It's only about half-finished, but people have been asking me lots of questions about it. So I thought I'd put together a post that explains a little about it, so I'd have some explanation and pictures to share with those who ask. Basically, an HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) is a PC that is connected to your TV, that runs user-interface software that allow you access to a comprehensive set of features. To find out more about it and to see some pictures of it in action, hit the "read more" link below (I didn't want to clutter up the front page of our blog with all the pics).


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Brotherly Love

I think back to when Carter will still just a tiny one, and how Sean waffled between showing no interest in his sister, and yelling at her every time she made even the tiniest noise. But over the last year, they have really started to develop an amazing bond - you can hardly separate them. Which I'm sure has at least a little to do with Carter's hero worship of her big brother. He's almost got a shadow. Which is great when he does something right, but not so much when he's misbehaving and his partner in crime follows right along.
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We celebrated Lori's birthday last weekend, and sometime during the shindig Lori caught this little gem. Three of my favorite ladies, all in a row. When I see a picture like this, it reminds me of why we moved back to New England. If we were just here visiting, Carter would have been so nervous and shy to be wedged between two "strangers". And I could never be satisfied with my kids thinking of my sisters as strangers, not when they are so important to me.

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We got a new sprinkler a week or so ago, and Lori took the kids outside today to give it a whirl. Carter is still a little timid around the sprinkler, but she's warming up. But it didn't matter much, because it eventually turned into a muddle-puddle extravaganza. Carter was content to just pour water on her brother, but Sean got himself pretty muddy. Have you ever seen a kid so happy, I ask you?
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Growing Up

Carter has graduated to the big girl swing! She looks so cute, don't you think? She looks like such a big girl on that swing. My little girl is growing up. She'd better not start bringing boys home!

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Lori and the kids try to visit Lori's Grandma at least a couple of times a month, and they always have a really good time. I love to see Carter snuggled in to read a book, and Sean was fascinated by the balloons great-grandma was blowing up for him.

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Winnekenni Castle

While Tracy's baby shower was going on, Dad and I took Sean to Winnekenni Castle for a short hike and a chance to wear himself out at the playground. He got to see a lake and a castle all in the same day, and on top of that he got his first experience with an ice cream truck. It was a little odd - he had never seen one before, so he didn't understand what it even was until the woman inside actually handed him the ice cream. But you can bet he won't forget what one is now, alright!

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Fun in the Sun

With all the heat last week, the kids needed a chance to cool off. We haven't bought a sprinkler or a pool yet, so we propped the hose up on a wheelbarrow. That's innovation! They had a great time, although Carter was a little nervous about the water and mostly just played in the sandbox.

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Scenes from Space #43

I think it's been almost a year since I last put up a "Scenes from Space" post, but this is a special occasion. On June 13th, at 12:05 PM, GLAST (the Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope) was launched into orbit. One of the instruments on that satellite is called the GLAST Burst Monitor (GBM), and I was involved in the software development effort for that instrument. So good luck GLAST! And if anything goes wrong, I swear it wasn't me. :)

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