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Game Chest of Drawers

I've been calling this thing a "cabinet", but apparently it is more officially called a "chest of drawers" - as to be called a cabinet something has to have doors with shelves inside. Regardless, I built this thing over the last few weeks. Over the Christmas break the kids and I bought an old Nintendo and Super Nintendo off of Ebay, and have been having a lot of fun playing old games on their original hardware. We've slowly been acquiring a decent collection of games since then, and I built this chest of drawers to keep it all organized and "living room acceptable". It's made from local red oak and contains two drawers (the bottom for Nintendo, the top for SNES games), with a shelf for the consoles and a tiled top - which will eventually be topped with a lamp and some plants. I was going to experiment with making a concrete top for it, but it was too cold to get concrete to cure and I didn't want to wait until spring.

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