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A Safety-Minded Lass

We've started potty-training Carter lately, and she's been doing well. She's consistently using the potty every night before bed, and a little less consistently first thing in the morning. Hopefully this will go a lot easier with her than it did with her big brother. But as you can see, she observes her own complete set of safety rules for this endeavour.

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Zonked, the Return

Yet another picture of Carter passed out while playing, in the middle of the day. This is starting to become a pattern. She's just like her Daddy - I can nap pretty much anywhere, if I've got the time.

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A couple of weeks ago, Lori and I babysat Ryan and Olivia so that Tracy and Mike could get out alone for a bit. While they were here, we got a couple of cute pictures of Olivia.

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Maudslay State Park

Last weekend Tracy, Ryan, and Olivia joined us for a trip to Maudslay State Park. The kids did pretty well, although Sean got unexpectedly tired near the end. The flowers weren't out yet, but it was very pretty there, all the same.

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Here's a photo of Carter, all dolled up and ready for a night on the town. To top it off, she is making what she refers to as her "Silly Eyes". I can't believe that tiara hasn't broken yet - we all play with it, and I know that I at least have stepped on it several times. The thing must be made out of some super-strong, extra-terrestrial alloy.
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She’s All Thumbs

Just a cute picture of Sean, with the guest appearance of Lori's thumb over the lens!
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