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Farm Trip

Lori and Grandma King took the kiddos to the farm one day last week. They got to feed the chickens, see lots of animals, ride in a wagon. My sources tell me that they had a great time!

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Sean has really taken to the computer lately. He plays games on He especially loves the Curious George games. He's learned how to navigate all around the site himself, and has taught himself how to play almost all of the games. His precision with the mouse is getting quite impressive. I remember when he tried to use the computer a year or so ago, while we were living in Texas. He was trying real hard, but his fine motor skills just weren't there yet. Now he's a pro. The other thing he does is look at our blog. He likes to look through all of the pictures, and tell me all about each one. He actually remembers a lot of detail about when some of them were taken, and not just the recent ones either. It actually surprises me that he has any memory of some of the things that happened so long ago.

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Aren't they so cute? They hardly ever sit still long enough for us to capture a photo like this, even though in reality they do hug a lot. Getting them both to look at the camera and smile at the same time usually takes a miracle of lucky timing.

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Bike Ride

We went to Tracy's a couple of weekends ago (I know, I'm slow to post lately). While we were there, we all went for a walk around the neighborhood, and the kids rode bikes. Sean couldn't get enough of the horn on Ryan's bike, and almost crashed the bike several times as he kept squeezing the horn bulb over and over instead of watching where he was going.

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The Pipes of our Founding Fathers

For those who don't know, for the past few months Sean has had a serious fascination with pipes. He is always under the sink checking out the pipes, talking about pipes while he flushes the toilet, talks about food going down his pipe when he swallows, and hanging out in the basement to check out all the pipes overhead. This story makes a lot more sense if you know that ahead of time.

Last week I had to go to Washington, D.C. to give a presentation for work. The night before I left I was tucking Sean in and talking to him about the trip I had to take, and how I wouldn't see him the next day, but that he would see me the day after. Here's a summary how that conversation went down:

Me: "Sean, I have to go to Washington, D.C. tomorrow, for work. I won't see you, but I will see you the next day, okay?"
Sean: "Okay. Will you see the pipes?"
Me: "Sure, buddy!"

Flash-forward to two days later, first thing in the morning. This will be the first time he has seen me in a day-and-a-half. I have the day off, but we need to wake Sean up to get him ready for school. So I go in, kneel down by his bed, and gently wake him:

Me (softly): "Sean...time to get up, buddy."
Sean (extrememly groggily): "Hi Daddy...did you see the pipes...?"
Me (softly): "Sure did! They were great!"

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Carter’s Second Birthday

We had Carter's second birthday party this past weekend. It went really well, and everyone had a great time. We didn't really get a lot of photos though - we were too busy enjoying the festivities to actually record them for posterity. But here is a sampling of the few we actually did manage to grab.

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Of Leaves and Worms

We've been playing outside more lately. With the weather cooling off so dramatically, we're starting to realize that winter is really coming, and our outdoor time is about to be curtailed for a while. Sean found a rake and tried making himself a leaf pile. Suprisingly, he was actually able to do it - even though the rake is probably twice his size. This kids also found a worm, when one of them accidentally tore up a small section of the lawn. They were both fascinated by it, and crouched and stared at it until it wriggled away. Sean has been asking me to help him find worms for at least a month now, but every time we've checked under logs and rocks lately we've had no luck. So he was thrilled to finally see one again.

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Pirate Smile

For some reason, every time we point a camera at Sean lately, he covers one eye with his hand before he smiles. He claims it is so he can look like a pirate. I have no idea where he came up with this, but I love it! Last night I downloaded the last week's or so worth of pictures off of the camera, to start going through them. There were at least a dozen pictures, from several different days, that had Sean in this pose. Hilarious!

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Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Lori bought a pin the tail on the donkey game, which I assume was intended for Carter's birthday party. But apparently they busted it out a few days early, on her actual birthday, instead. Eli and Carter both got a chance to try it out. Don't they look hilarious in their blindfolds? I can't believe that they actually kept them on. And look how proud Carter looks!

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Pasta Play

Carter and Eli tried a new activity last week - sorting dry pasta. Lori has been saving a handful of pasta from each of the boxes we've bought in the last couple of months, so the kids would have a variety of shapes and sizes to play with. Then she gives them each a muffin tin to use for sorting. Both kids seemed to really get into it, and there little faces were all screwed up in concentration in all of the pictures. I love seeing them working out something new.

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