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Carter’s Box Car

Check out the car Carter made out of a box! She decorated it and 'drove' it around the house all day. At one point she even put a stuffed animal in it and gave it a ride around.

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Ukulele Hanger

I saw a cool ukulele wall hanger online a week or so ago and made up my own version to hang the uke on the wall. It came out pretty cool, I think. I made another for my dad, as well. On a related note, I moved the bridge on the uke I built and now the intonation is perfect! It's been a couple of weeks and the top is starting to open up as it breaks in - it sounds great! The only problem I've still got is a couple of buzzing notes from two frets that are too high and need to be filed down - but I think I'll wait until next time I have to change the strings anyway before I bother fixing them.

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Ukulele – Done, Sort Of

Well, the ukulele is all finished - ain't she a beaut? Unfortunately, there was a typo in the book I was building from and the scale length is wrong - which means I will somehow need to get the bridge off and glued back on 2.5 cm further back. Otherwise it just won't sound quite right. But before I tackle that - which has a decent chance of not coming out that well, at least visually - I wanted to get some good photos of it while it was still looking good.

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Buried in Snow

We were only forecast to get 3-5 inches of snow - and instead woke up to over a foot this morning. While playing outside I buried each of the kids to their armpits in snow. They claim it was quite cozy - like a thick heavy blanket.

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Cherry Shelves

Finally finished the shelves that I have been working on in parallel with the uke. They really help round out the living room. Now we just need to find some decorative stuff to put on them. :)

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Ukulele – All Lacquered Up!

Got the grain pore filler and lacquer applied this weekend. Once it cures out for a week, I can unmask the fingerboard and soundhole, glue on the bridge, install the tuners, and string it up! It's quite possible that by the end of next weekend - or the following weekend, worst case - this thing will be in a playable state!

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