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Carter’s Shots

I let Carter take the camera for a while at the wedding, at she was walking around our table taking a portrait of each person. They actually came out pretty decent, don't you think?

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Dancin’ Machines

The kids were completely amped to dance at Auntie Andi's wedding. Even before dinner, they were out on the dance floor breakin' it down. Sean was all over the dance floor, tearing it up. I showed him a video on youtube a few weeks ago of people breakdancing, and he's been convinced that his dancing ability knows no equal ever since.

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Andi’s Wedding

Well, it's official - my little sister got married yesterday. Congratulations, John and Andrea Meyer! Here are some photos from the wedding.

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A Captured Moment

I found this photo on the camera this morning. I don't either of us knew it was being taken, which I think is what I like about it - it feels like a captured moment. It seems to be the type of picture that Carter will look at someday when I'm gone, and remember her Daddy.

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Assorted Origami Models

I've been making lots more origami lately, but have only now got around to posting some pictures of it. So here are some of my more recent models.

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The Great Underwear Race

While I was in Baltimore for work, Lori had Ryan sleep over one night. As it got on near bedtime, she asked the kids to put on their pajamas, and then went upstairs for a minute. On her way back down the stairs, she heard all kinds of giggling - and this was the scene she came across once she reached the kitchen.

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Assorted Cuteness

Nothing specific here - just a trio of cute pics.

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