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Assembly and Outfeed Table

I built this large outfeed table for my table saw, and it can also double as an assembly table. There is lots of room for storage (I use the drawers for power tools and the center cabinet for a shopvac), and the top is about 2.5 by 7 feet - so there is lots of room to work. The top has about five coats of water-based polyurethane, to keep it nice and slick.

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Workbench Toolbox

I've always planned to build a toolbox to go under my main workbench, to hold my most frequently used hand tools. I finally build one, and I think it came out pretty good. The body of the box is just painted birch plywood, but the drawer fronts are cherry.

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Record Player Cabinet

My dad asked me to build a record player cabinet for his retro-themed music room at his new condo. He wanted something a bit mid-century modern, but without the sharp corners right at eye level for grandkids. This is what we came up with. It's made from solid cherry, with sliding doors on the front to hold his record collection.

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Record Crate

Got a record player right after Christmas, and built this record album storage crate out of some old pallet wood I had leftover from the pallet that my lathe arrived on. I've only got a few records so far, but there's just something fun about them.

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Attic Storage

We've been needing some additional storage in our attic makerspace for a while now - materials and tools have been building up on the benchtops without a proper home. So I built this quick-and-dirty storage unit out of scraps to give everything somewhere to live. It's sized to fit right under one of the workbenches that is almost never used, so it shouldn't interfere with anyone's legs.

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Plant Stand

We've needed a big plant for our main living room window for a while - all of my seedlings were on the window sill originally, but they were all getting ready to be repotted into bigger pots, and were no longer going to fit on the windowsill. So I built this big plant stand out of cherry. This makes much better use of the sunlight, and the plants are loving it.

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Curio Cabinet

During the summer Carter and I started thinking we needed somewhere to store and display all of the 'science-y` type stuff we've collected - bones, minerals, shells, fossils, etc. So I built this little curio cabinet for our makerspace in the attic. It's build from cherry and has glass shelves and lighting. We're really happy with it, and we've still got lots of empty space - so we've got plenty of room to grow our collection.

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Carter’s Pens

A few weeks ago I taught Carter how to turn pens on the lathe - since them she's been loving it, and producing new pens like crazy! Here's a sampling of what's made so far - there are a few that Lori has taken to work, but this is the majority of them. She's got a several more blanks queued up to turn in the near future. I might have to teach her how to make bud vases or something too.

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Rocking Chair

My sister is pregnant, and asked me to make her a rocking chair before the baby comes. I was onboard and ready to start last February, but then the pandemic hit and I couldn't get any lumber. I hemmed and hawed hoping things would return to normal quickly, and then eventually broke down and bought some lumber online. I got a much later start than I wanted, but still managed to finish it before the baby was born - delivered the chair yesterday, and her due date is next weekend! Definitely cutting it close! I made an identical one for us at the same time, as we've always wanted a nice rocking chair for the living room. The chair is made of cherry, and I made the cushion myself as well.

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Chef’s Knife

I made a small camp knife a few years ago, and have always wanted to try something bigger - like a kitchen knife. With all the free time I've had lately I decided to give it a shot. This knife is made from O1 tool steel, with a blade about 8 inches long. The handle is spalted hickory I milled from a tree that fell at our old house. The wooden sheath has rare earth magnets embedded inside, to hold the sheat on securely. The sheath is made from the same spalted hickory as the handle. After it's initial sharpening, it was sharp enough to shave the hair off of my forearm. Now we just need to wait and see how well it holds that edge.

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