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We’re Coming Home!

Well, it's official! We're coming back to New Hampshire! I will post a more detailed explanation tomorrow - but most of you have already heard about this anyway. I just wanted to get it out there - we're pretty excited, and I wanted to share it with all of you.
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The Pups

Once we started having kids, we didn't seem to take many pictures of the dogs anymore. The only time we really get them in a photo is when they are with the kids, or in the background of some other shot. Sometimes I feel bad about that - they used to be the center of our attention, but now they get less. They're still just as big a part of our family though, and once the kids go to bed they get all the special treatment - they even sleep in our bed! So here is a pic of one of my favorite furry ladies - I like this one because it is one of those rare pictures of Sadie that shows any part of her body that isn't jet black.
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What a Weirdo

Lori was taking the kids for a walk around the neighborhood, and took lots of pictures in the process. Most of them were just typical pics of Sean - he likes to stop and check out just about everything between our house and the neighborhood mailbox. But amidst all the 'standard' pictures was this little gem. He has a habit of making weird faces all the time, but we never seem to catch many of them on film (well, on a memory card). Look at the larger version to see the odd face he is making - I love it.
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Now tell me that isn't about the cutest thing you've ever seen. He was reading her a story. And she was just eating up the brotherly attention. I love how Sean always contorts his feet while he reads - still haven't figured that one out.

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Code Red – She’s Mobile!

No photos or video yet, but Carter has been crawling for about a week now. And getting into trouble already, of course. It's time to search the house to eliminate anything swallowable, eye-poke-outable, baby-head-bumpable, and the like. She can motor around the living room like nobody's business, and we're just lucky that she's not that fast yet - so we've got time to head her off when we see her heading for something dangerous. We'll try to get some video soon.
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Best Friends Forever? We’ll See.

The chitlins have started to get along much better lately. Sean is still a bit jealous when sister gets the attention, but they are having more and more moments like these. Not only is Carter being tolerated, but occasionally he even seems to enjoy her company. Who would have guessed?

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The Picture Says It All….

What a character! Whenever we tried to put anything like this on Sean, he pulled it off immediately. We tried goofy sunglasses, Santa hats, reindeer antlers - nothing stayed on his head for more than eleven seconds. So when Lori put these on Carter, she didn't expect them to stay. So when Carter not only didn't mind, but even seemed to enjoy it, Lori bolted for the camera.
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What’s A Matter…?

That's Sean's new way of pushing the limits - he keeps it cute, hoping he can get away with more that way. When he's outside playing in his pool, sometimes he tries to sidle off to go play in the mud under the tree house. Understandably, we'd prefer he not get covered in dirt. So Lori will say "Sean, please stay over here near the pool. We're not playing in the dirt right now." And Sean's response (as he continues to slowly sidle his way over there), is to raise his shoulders and hands, palm up, and say:

"What's a matter? I'm ok."

As if to say, "Hey Mom, what's the big deal? Don't sweat it." As if Mom were asking him to stay out of the dirt, instead of telling him. It's really pretty adorable, watching him try to milk his cuteness instead of throwing a fit. He'll probably be a politician. Heh.

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