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Double Trouble

I've been talking a lot about how much Carter and Sean look alike in general - and especially how much Carter looks like Sean did at her age. Well here is a pair of pictures to really show you what I mean. The one on the left is Carter, and the one on the right is Sean. But isn't the similarity sort of cool?

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Zwieback, You Back…

Carter tried her first piece of Zwieback Toast a few days ago. She did great with it. When we eventually had to take it away from her when it got too small, she cried as though had mortally wounded her. But a bottle quickly made things right. She's been getting a piece a day since then, and is continuing to enjoy it immensly.

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On the Move (Well, Almost)

Dang! This little firecracker is going to be crawling in no time! Look how good she is doing getting her body up off of the floor. I remember this stage with Sean - he crawled a few months after starting to do this elbows-and-knees and elbows-and-toes thing. I can't wait! And I added that last picture just because it's cute. :)

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Pinto Play

It's been too wet lately to go to the playground - and it's massive sandbox. So Lori tried an old idea she used to use at the daycare. Pinto beans! They're big enough to make cleaning them up a lot easier then sand, because they can't "get into everything" the way sand can. And the kids love the texture and the noise they make. This particular day, Sean had a little friend over to play.

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Just Like Pop

For those who know me well - tell me this doesn't look familiar. I've never been able to eat anything without reading at the same time. I used to read a lot growing up, and couldn't set aside whatever book I was currently engrossed in even while eating. The same is true today. And it looks like Sean is picking up the habit too. It's just so cute to see him poring over a picture book while eating his Fruit Loops.

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Here are some pictures from this past Easter morning. The Easter Bunny brought the kids some new goodies. Carter got a pair of new rattles, and Sean got a wheelbarrow with a new book, a Blue's Clues stuffed animal, a new puzzle, and a chocolate bunny. As you can see, he was pretty impressed with his new loot.

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Breaking the Law!

Speaking of outdoor fun - Lori took Sean for a walk the other day, and when they got back Sean made a beeline for the bushes and started playing in the mulch. Even though Lori didn't want to let him play in there, it was just a bit too cute and she had to snap a picture. You can even tell by the look on his face that he knows he's doing something wrong, and he is wondering why she is letting him get away with it.

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Outdoor Fun

Carter has really been enjoying Sean's old Exersaucer a lot lately. We even brought it outside, and she happily played while her big brother spent some quality time in the dirt. The weather is finally dryer here, and we've been trying to spend more time outside before it starts getting hot. Sometimes these pictures spook me though - if she wasn't wearing pink, this could almost be a picture of Sean.

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42 Words of Wisdom: #09

"Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws."

- Douglas Adams

I am currently reading a book called The Quantum Zoo, by Marcus Chown. It is sort of a layman's guide to quantum mechanics, and so far it is fascinating. Also, amid the science is also a lot of very interesting and suprising trivia. For example, (hopefully) most of us remember from high school science classes that atoms contain a lot of empty space. But I never really realized how much until I started reading this book. Did you realize that if all of the empty space in atoms could be removed, the entire human race would fit into the volume of a sugar cube? A great read for anyone interested in the science, without being bogged down by the math.

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Kid Clips Video

Enjoy this collectoin of video clips. We finally got back into the habit of keeping the video camera around, and Lori has caught a lot of cute little moments on film over the last few weeks. And for some of you, this will be the first time you've seen Carter in motion, instead of just in still pictures.
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