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Applecrest Farm

We took the kids to a local orchard last weekend - Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls. We were after apples and peaches, as we were about to make our first foray into canning on Sunday. The kids had a great time. They love being outdoors, no matter what the occasion. But at this farm, they got to ride a tractor from the parking lot to the orchard. Sean couldn't get enough - he was grinning ear to ear. The canning went pretty well too, stay tuned for pictures. I'll try to put some up this weekend.

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Water Painting

Lori got the kiddos to try something new today - she covered the chalkboard with chalk, gave them a couple of wet paintbrushes, and set them loose. They both enjoyed it tremendously - but don't they look so serious?

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Sean’s Drawings – Truck and Caterpillar

More drawings from Sean. Check these out! A truck, and a caterpillar. The truck I know he learned from a guy who draws on T.V. But I have no idea where he learned to draw that caterpillar. I love when he surprises me like this, by drawing something that we didn't even know he knew how to draw. I can't wait to see what's next!

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Drawing Bug Bites Again!

Carter is seeing her brother getting a lot of attention for drawing so much lately, and she wants a piece of that action. The past few days, she's been scribbling madly on a doodleboard, and then running to the nearest parent and yelling "look what I made!" It's very sweet. Who knows? Maybe she'll have a knack for art too.

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Sean’s Drawing – Submarine

Here is the latest of Sean's drawings - a submarine. He drew it for the first time yesterday, while we were at the hospital to visit Tracy, Mike, and Baby Olivia. It's funny - when he draws it, he also makes a point of saying that he is drawing "a submarine, with no face". I'm not sure what kind of submarines have faces, but I'm glad he's so specific.

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Coffee Table – 3D Model

Andi has asked me to build her a coffee table once she moves into her own place. Here is a 3D model (again done with Google SketchUp) of one of the ideas I've been floating around in my head the last couple of weeks. I'm going to try to model the other ideas I've been considering over the next couple of weeks.

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Fast Friends

Sean, Carter, and Ely are becoming fast friends, as you can see. Both kids ask about him when he's not here. It's so cute. It's nice for them to have a regular playmate. Sometimes I think they get sick of each other. Heh.

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Baby Olivia

Tracy had her baby today! Woohoo! Her name is Olivia - the jury is still out on a middle name. She was 8 pounds, 15 ounces. Aye carumba! That's a biggun! I'm so happy we're back in New Hampshire now - we are going to get to see her grow up, instead of experiencing it secondhand through pictures from two thousand miles away. I got a chance to hold her, and it satisfied that itch to hold a newborn again. I think Lori is safe now from us having any thoughts of having a third. This is the perfect substitute - we get all of the sweet moments, and then have someone else to hand her to if she gets fussy! Awesome!

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Medicine Cabinet – 3D Model

I've been wanting to play around with Google SketchUp, and making a 3D model of the medicine cabinet I plan to build served two purposes - it gave me a chance to play with the tool, and it also gave me a chance to see what the cabinet would look like. I must say, I like it on both counts! Google SketchUp is pretty neat, although I feel like I must have done a few things the hard way while making this model. Hopefully with experience, I'll figure out the easy way. And now that I've seen it in 3D, I'm liking this cabinet design better and better. Can't wait to start building!

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Sean’s Drawing – Tape Recorder

Here's another of Sean's drawings. He's trying to learn how to draw his tape recorder. I've included a photo of the recorder itself so you can see just how close he is. It blows my mind. His pediatrician said that at his age, kids are usually learning how to draw a circle and a line. Good for you, Seanyman!

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