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Nixie Tube Clock

I've been wanting to build a Nixie tube clock for many years now, but the high voltage required always scared me off. Recently I was looking online for a step-up power supply to try to finally build it, and found a site that sold a pre-built Nixie clock board for less than the parts would have cost me. So I ordered one, and built an enclosure for it. The outer enclosure is painted pine, and the 'face' is bubinga that I CNC cut around the Nixie tubes.

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Welcome Amber!

We adopted a new dog about a month ago - we finally wore down Lori's resistance! Her name is Amber, and she's about 2 years old and about 50 pounds. She's more or less the best dog I've ever seen. She's had no accidents, she loves to snuggle (but not *too* much), and loves to play (but also, not *too* much). She's fit right in so far, and it feels like she's been with us forever already.

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Moon Cake

Carter made this "moon cake" a couple of weeks ago. She baked it in a big Pyrex bowl to give it a half-globe shape. She also experimented with fondant for the first time to make the decorations. She tried to carve out "craters" in the sides of the cake, but they didn't quite work. She learned a lot from this one, and if she had to do it all over again it would definitely go a lot smoother!

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Metal Stock Drawers

Now that I'm starting to gather more materials for working with the metal lathe, I needed somewhere to store it. So I used some old plywood and pine to build this no-frills set of drawers to hold all my stock. I separated it by type (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.). I've still got a few empty drawers for the future.

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