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Cabin – Roof Complete

Last weekend I finished the roof on the cabin. Yay! I'm finally done spending all my time on the verge of falling off of the roof (or at least -feeling- like I was going to). Next up is the siding, although I don't relish trying to put that up in the near-hurricane we are expecting this weekend, so I might have to hold off another week on that step.

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Kingston Lake

One day last week Lori had Ryan for the night. The next day, she took all three kids to Kingston State Park for a day at the lake. I wasn't able to make it (I was working), but from what I here they all had a great time. I love the photo of Ryan with that primal yell. I would have liked to see that in person. :)

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Picnic on the Lawn

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Cabin – Roof

It's been a while since I've posted an update on the cabin, and a lot of work has been completed since then. It's all framed, and the roof is sheathed. This past weekend, I got the roof papered, and got the drip edge installed. This coming weekend, I'm hoping to get the shingles up. Once I do that, the roof will be totally complete. Which would be great - I'm getting tired of working up so high. When working near the ridge of the roof, I'm sometimes stand on a board that is 15 feet off of the ground.

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Canobie Lake

Two weeks ago, we went to Canobie Lake Park for the company outing my company does every year. It was raining when we were headed out, so we were wondering how things would go. But the rain died out eventually. We were very surprised that there were plenty of rides for the kids, and not just the 'kiddie' rides. They actually wanted to go on 'scarier' rides than I thought they would. Carter actually had to get turned away from a couple of rides because she wasn't tall enough - she was more than willing to try it. Sean rode the pirate ship, and some of the big, spinny rides. At one point Carter was waiting in a line for a ride, and when she got to the front of the line and saw that it was just one of the kiddies rides, she got really angry - she thought she was actually in line for a big grown-up ride that was behind the kiddie ride.

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Day at Camp

On Sunday, I convinced the fam to come back to the cabin site with me and spend an hour or two hanging out. We got a fire going in the fire pit, and cooked some hotdogs and s'mores. I had put up a cheapo hammock that morning, and everyone got a chance to try it out. At the same time, I finished putting the tar paper and drip edge on the roof. This coming weekend I'll be able to get the roof shingled, and then the roof will finally be done! Yay - I won't need to spend any more time standing on a ten-inch wide board fifteen feet from the ground!

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Night at the Races

Last Friday, Sean and I joined Dad, Mike, and Ry at the races. We weren't sure how the boys would like it, but it turns out they had a good time. They were running back and forth near the fence along the track, both claiming that they could run faster than the race cars. We saw a few good clean crashes (no injuries, it seemed like), and twice saw a stray tire rolling down the track - which the boys found hilarious.

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The other night Lori and I heard Carter dancing and singing in her room by herself, and walked in to find this. We hear her singing and dancing up there all the time, but she doesn't usually take the dress-up part to these extremes. Adorable!

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