CRT2016: Cameron Park Zoo

We had planned to stop at Cameron Park in Waco, Texas for a walk around to stretch our legs. When we parked though, we saw signs for a zoo. So we decided to check it out - even though we'd already been to two other zoos on this trip, and one is usually my limit. But surprising the zoo at Cameron Park was the best one we saw this trip. The enclosures were really well designed - they didn't look like cages. They used natural features to disguise the fact that the animals were in captivity - similar to how they do it at the San Diego Zoo, if you've been there. For example, all of the lemurs and gibbons were on big islands in the middle of a pond, with no fences or glass around them. It was very cool, and the animals seemed to like it as well - they seemed very calm and happy, as no humans could get right up close to them.

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