CRT2018: Astoria, Oregon

Our first major stop of the trip was in Astoria, Oregon. Astoria is right at the mouth of the Columbia River, and across the river from Washington state. There were lots of giant container ships in the port - it's really hard to get a sense of just how big they were from the photos.

Walking along the riverfront pathway in Astoria, we walked by this picturesque abandoned building. Not sure what it used to be - maybe some sort of fish processing station? I loved the look of it, and the light was just right.

For those who don't know, one of my favorite childhood movies - The Goonies - was filmed in Astoria. For fellow fans, the house right in the middle of the next photo is Mikey's house from the movie, and the one directly to the right of it (all you can see is the roof) is Data's house. They're privately owned now and you can't really go see them, but I thought it was cool to catch sight of them from the river walk.

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