Sean’s VR Headset, v1

Sean has been really excited about VR all year, and a while ago he tried putting together his own VR headset using his tablet, some 3x magnification reading glasses, foamboard, elastic waistband, and hot glue. He's played around with both VR apps from the Google Play store, and he's tried tethering it to the PC to use as an external display - don't ask me how, as he's figured all of this out on his own! Dang! It works pretty well, so far. He's still got to figure out a good head tracking solution - the tablet's built-in accelerometer only works so-so. And the other problem is the lenses - the focal distance on the reading glasses is just too long to get both eye's images to resolve down to one 3D image. He's got some new lenses coming in the mail tomorrow though, so hopefully you'll soon see v2 here!

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