Electric Ukulele – Part 1

While starting to prep stock for the tenor acoustic ukes, I've also started messing around with building an electric ukulele. I've decided to go with a concert uke size - a 15" scale length. I started by drawing out my pattern full size, to make sure I liked the look of it and that I knew where I'd be able to fit my components. It's going to have one single-coil pickup, with a single tone knob and a single volume knob - I'm going to keep this first one nice and simple. I've ordered some hardtail-style adjustable saddles, but I'm going to have to fabricate my own bridge as I can't find any four-string ones at any of the usual online suppliers I typically use. The first big step - which I did last night - was cut out and shape the neck. That went pretty well - although the headstock ended up being a little smaller than what I had drawn, and I had to order a different set of tuners in order to get them to fit on there.

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