Light Grid: Enclosure

This past weekend I started working on the enclosure for the grid. I used some curly maple I'd had sitting around the shop for the last decade. :) It was a piece that has always been too small to make any furniture out of, but too nice to burn or throw away. So I made a nice little mitered box to hold the grid. For the diffuser to go in front of the LEDs, I borrowed an idea I saw online that actually ended up working perfectly - a white plastic cutting board. The enclosure got a coat of teak oil for a finish, which will later be followed up by some polyurethane - but I couldn't wait the three days for the oil to cure, so I mounted the grid in the enclosure to start playing around with it. In the right hand photo, you can see the enclose from the back (with the back panel removed). The Arduino is in the bottom center of the photo. Eventually, it will be mounted inside the enclosure as well, but I'm going to wait until after I get the polyurethane on before I mount it, just in case.

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