Easter Bunny In Disguise

Here is an email I received from Lori yesterday, while I was at work: "I told the kids that Sadie is really the Easter bunny. I told them that the white fur we see on her is the white bunny fur sticking out of her dog disguise. They are really not sure if I'm telling the truth or not. They keep saying that the Easter bunny does not have a dog collar, and that I must be kidding. I keep telling them that she is wearing a dog costume. Sean asked her for some chocolate eggs, and he said, "see she did not give me any, she is not the Easter bunny." I simply said that it is not Easter, so she can't give them out yet. They keep looking at her extra close, trying to see if she really is the bunny in a dog disguise. After about 10 minutes of them trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not i whispered to them, "April Fools." They laughed so hard and Carter actually looked surprised. I think that I might have convinced her that Sadie is actually the Easter bunny in a dog disguise."
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