Origami – Inside-Out Sonobes

Here are a pair of models made with Sonobe units, but with a twist. They are assembled "inside out", with all the tabs and pockets on the inside. That completely changes the look of the model. Actually, I usually prefer the inside-out look of these models - the colors break up along cleaner lines. But they are a bear to assemble - especially the last couple of modules. On the left is a 30-unit isocahedron, and on the right is a 120-unit icosidodecahedron. For the icosidodecahedron, I used the pink and green to try to make it look like pink flowers on a field of green grass. It stands out more in person - in the photo, you really only get to see one face, and can't move it around in your hands to get the full effect.

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