Modular Origami

I've been getting into modular origami lately, as a hobby I can do while watching TV, or in a meeting, or while code is compiling - or any time I've got some down time where I'm sitting down and my hands aren't busy. Modular origami involves folding multiple copies of a single module, and then assembling all of the modules into a geometric form. Here are a few pics of some I made a few weeks ago. I've since made a lot more - and more complicated ones as well. I plan to get pics of those together soon, but in the meantime, here's a sample. From left to right they are: three copies of one type of module called a 'sonobe', a 3-unit model called "Tokahama's Jewel", a 6 unit cube, a 12-unit octahedral, and a 30-unit icosahedral.

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