The other day, I've got Sean in the tub. I've already finished washing him, so he's just happily playing in there while I read my book. Then out of nowhere he just stops and says to me, "when I'm a grown-up and I make a baby - it sounds really hard. Maybe I could just put the skeleton together...?" And that last part was delivered with the shoulders up, in a shrug. He cracked me up. I found out later from Lori that earlier that day he was telling Lori about what he would do when he was older and had a baby in his stomach. And Lori told him, "Oh no, honey. Boys don't have babies in their stomachs. Mommies do that. But the boy helps to make the baby." And then she changed the subject - he's only five, for crying out loud, and not quite ready for details. But he got in his head that the boy actually helps MAKE - as in 'assemble' - the baby, and was concerned about the difficulty of that puzzle. I love it.
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