While we were up north, we checked out a place called "UberBlast" with the kiddos. It's got bouncy-house inflatables, an arcade, and games of the tickets-for-crap variety. We had a pretty good time, but the kids didn't jump nearly as long as I thought they would before they got bored of it. And considering it was $8 per kid, that irked me a little. But they both were enjoying the games so much that I got over it. Sean really loved that motorcycle game, even thought he could barely reach the handlebars. You had to lean to steer, and he thought that was awesome. I included the photo of them jumping, even though it came out terrible, just because I love the position Sean is in. He was trying to do a flip - as you can guess, it was not a success. :) And I especially like the photo of Carter and I playing air hockey. She's so tiny compared to me, but I love the adoration on her face when she looks at me. Love you too, sweetie!

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