A Good Day

Last Saturday, we had nothing special planned. We had an appointment for haircuts in the morning, but that was about the extent of our grand plans for the day.

While Sean was getting his haircut, Mary Jane (the woman who has been cutting my hair since I was 13) combed in straight back - which made it stand straight up. Sean was watching himself in the mirror during this, and said to his reflection "oooooh, my hair looks fancy!"

After harcuts, we decided to stop at Memories for an ice cream on the way home. It was super-hot outside, and our ice cream started melting almost immediately. The kids were racing to eat their ice cream before it liquified, and Carter managed to coat herself nearly head to toe with chocolate ice cream. She was wearing the cure little dress you can see in the photos below, and Lori was getting pretty scared that it was ruined. At one point, she dropped a whole scoop of ice cream down the front of her dress (on the inside, I mean). She promptly stuck her hand in there, fished around for it, pulled it out, and popped it in her mouth. By the time we were ready to leave and had to clean her up, she had ice cream in the strangest places - on her ankle...behind her neck...on her forehead...

By the time we got home, it was pouring. But it was still pretty hot outside. So I asked the kids if they wanted to play in the rain for a little while. They almost couldn't believe it - we always make them go IN the house when it rains, not OUT. As you can see, they were racing around, jumping in puddles, and just generally having a grand time.

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