Pajamas and Snowmen

I took the kids outside to play while it was snowing a week or so ago, and got this great picture of Carter. We were out there a long time - probably a couple of hours, if I had to guess. I took them straight outside right after breakfast - they were actually still wearing their pajamas under their snowsuits. The snow was perfect - it wasn't too cold out there, and the snow had just the right amount of moisture in it for packing. Sean had been asking to build a snowman during every snowstorm for the last month or two - but the snow had been too fluffy every time. So we had a snowball fight, and then settled in to build a snowman. But this day, every time we started getting a snowman built he would destroy it. I think there is some genetically coded into children to put them into "Godzilla Mode" every time anything is stacked on top of something else. .... MUST .... DESTROY .... !

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