I recently came across an anagram generator online, and played around with it a bit. Unfortunately, if the words you put in contain enough letters, you get tens of thousands of potential anagrams - which makes finding the good ones a bit difficult. But after only looking through the first page of results, I did find a few interesting ones.

The Salad Days => A Deadly Stash

I like this one. It makes it sound like the things I am posting here are somehow dangerous to you, my loyal reader. Beware! Pictures of cute children within! Enter at your own risk!

The Salad Days => Dad Steals Hay

This one just struck me as funny. I swear, I have never stolen any hay. I may have "borrowed" hay and forgotten to return it, but that was forgetfulness, not malice.

Sean Lord => Also Nerd

This one resonates with me. I would love for Sean to grow up and be a geek like his Daddy. I need somebody to play videogames with. So here's to our future nerd!

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