These pictures are from a day last weekend. Sean and I played in the snow that morning while Carter took a nap. We had a blast. The snow has heavy and sticky, and made for awesome snowballs. We have determined that we can fit exactly 28 snowballs on his metal dumptruck. At some point, Lori and the dogs came out to join us in the fun. We were all have an amazing time, and then we noticed something. We were playing in the backyard, and Carter's bedroom window looks out over the yard. And her crib is right against the window. So she was standing up in her crib, watching us through the window, with this look of utter disbelief on her face. She was just taking a nice, relaxing nap, and now she thinks that every time she naps, we all basically have a party without her. I doubt if she will ever nap again, now.

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