Fun in the Snow

This morning was Carter's first time in the snow. Sean has been out in it several times, but Carter didn't get boots and a snowsuit until Christmas, so today was one of her first real opportunities. As we were getting her dressed, she was not real thrilled. She was hot, puffy, and annoyed. But once we got her outside she suddenly understood what all the fuss was about and started enjoying herself.

Sean and I had a snowball fight. We also built several snowmen. Each of which he would immediately knock over as soon as they were finished. A stack of ANYTHING is irresistable to a toddler. MUST..... KNOCK.... DOWN.....! They just can't control themselves.

Sean's also got a little Christmas character confusion - every time he sees a snowman, he says "A snowman! Ho ho ho!" Hopefully we get that straightened out next year.

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