What’s A Matter…?

That's Sean's new way of pushing the limits - he keeps it cute, hoping he can get away with more that way. When he's outside playing in his pool, sometimes he tries to sidle off to go play in the mud under the tree house. Understandably, we'd prefer he not get covered in dirt. So Lori will say "Sean, please stay over here near the pool. We're not playing in the dirt right now." And Sean's response (as he continues to slowly sidle his way over there), is to raise his shoulders and hands, palm up, and say:

"What's a matter? I'm ok."

As if to say, "Hey Mom, what's the big deal? Don't sweat it." As if Mom were asking him to stay out of the dirt, instead of telling him. It's really pretty adorable, watching him try to milk his cuteness instead of throwing a fit. He'll probably be a politician. Heh.

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