Swims Like a …. Log?

We all went down to the river on Memorial Day to give Sean a chance to get wet. It had been raining like crazy here, and the river was running pretty high and muddy. But that didn't slow him down one bit! As soon as we got within sight of the river, he marched right in, sat down, and started playing. At one point while walking around in the river, Sean tripped. He fell face first in the river, and immediately went into a "dead man's float". He just lay there, floating. Lori picked him up, and he didn't even cough or splutter. So he must have held his breath. I'm of the opinion that he just floated instead of trying to stand up because he must have opened his eyes underwater, and was checking everything out. But the most encouraging thing was that even though he went under, he didn't panic or get even a little scared. He actually seemed to enjoy it. So maybe he's ready to learn to swim.

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