Lions and Tigers and Bears!

We took the kids to the zoo last weekend. It was Carter's first time, but Sean has been once before, about a year ago. The first time we took him, he hardly even noticed what was going on. We had high hopes that this time, he would absolutely love it. Well, things didn't quite live up to our expectations, but it wasn't terrible. He was kind of cranky - I think it was just a little too hot, and on top of that he didn't like being stuck in a stroller all afternoon. But he did enjoy a few parts. The fish were a big winner, and for some reason one of the ducks there cracked him up. It was giving itself a bath, and everytime it turned over in the water and splashed around, Sean nearly burst something he was laughing so hard. Carter, on the other hand, had a blast. She was all grins and babble, all afternoon.

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