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Lord’s Hill

For Carter's birthday I took her up to the mountains for a day trip. While we were up there we decided to go hunting for some mineral samples for the curio cabinet I had recently finished. The spot we headed to is called Lord's Hill, and is the site of an old open-pit mine. But if you hike a bit past the mine you can find a nice outlook. It was a pretty foggy day, but the view was still pretty cool.

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CRT2019: Enchanted Rock

Another cool place Lori and I used to hike in Texas. Enchanted Rock is a giant pink granite dome that rises over 400 feet above the area, and you can hike to the top or on a long loop trail that goes around it. There are all kinds of amazing formations along the loop trail, where weather has eroded away some of the granite. Definitely a cool hike.

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CRT2019: Lost Maples State Natural Area

Lori and I used to hike and camp in this park a lot when we lived in Texas - this was probably my favorite spot to hike in the area. A lot of the wildflowers were out, including the one you see below, which is called an "Indian Blanket" flower. The big rock you see is called "Monkey Rock", and looks like a monkey's head. We also saw this cool little orange millipede, and some strange sort of cactus.

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Dusk Walk at Maudslay

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Arethusa Falls

On the same day as Black Cap, we also hiked in to see Arethusa Falls in Crawford Notch. Supposedly they are the tallest falls in New Hampshire, and they were flowing pretty well that day. I've been there several times in the past, and sometimes they are just a trickle.

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Black Cap – 2016

Hiked Black Cap with a group from work - and Carter decided to tag along this time. She's been up here many times before, but it's been a few years since the last time - so it felt good to get her up there again.

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Mount Monadnock – 2016

We always start the season with Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH. We had a pretty good turnout this year! This actually happened a while ago, but I forgot to post the photo.

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Odiorne State Park

Sean and I went out to Odiorne State Park on Monday. We checked out the Seacoast Science Center (small, but cool) and took a walk along the shore. At the far end of the rocky beach was a small peninsula where people had made lots of rock stacks. This one in particular caught my eye, with its window-like shape.

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Winter Hike – Mt. Major

Keith and I took a winter hike at Mt. Major yesterday, out near Lake Winnipesaukee. The trail was packed in well - we didn't even need snowshoes. The summit was clear and there was almost no wind. All in all, a great day!

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Sandwich Dome

Hiked Sandwich Dome on Saturday with a group of friends from work. It was unseasonably warm for late September - it climbed above 80 at times! We saw surprisingly few people on the trail. We were still a week or two out from peak foliage, but it was a nice trip regardless.

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