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Woorkshop Reorganization

Now that I've had a few years to settle in to this new workshop, I have a much better feel for how it could best be laid out. So I took everything out, painted the walls (to brighten things up), and moved everything to its new location. I also ran a bunch of additional outlets on three separate circuits, so that I will stop tripping breakers when more than one tool is powered on at a time. Last thing to do is to run the permanent dust collection pipes, but I haven't quite gotten to that part yet.

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Assembly and Outfeed Table

I built this large outfeed table for my table saw, and it can also double as an assembly table. There is lots of room for storage (I use the drawers for power tools and the center cabinet for a shopvac), and the top is about 2.5 by 7 feet - so there is lots of room to work. The top has about five coats of water-based polyurethane, to keep it nice and slick.

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Workbench Toolbox

I've always planned to build a toolbox to go under my main workbench, to hold my most frequently used hand tools. I finally build one, and I think it came out pretty good. The body of the box is just painted birch plywood, but the drawer fronts are cherry.

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Plant Progress

A little over a year ago, I saved the seeds from some fruit we had eaten and tried planting them. We planted lemons, clementines, and an avocado. These plants are now about 15 months old, and I wanted to post an update on their status. One of the lemon trees and one of the clementines are in the left-hand photo, and the avocado is in the right-hand photo. As you can see, they are all doing pretty good. There are another half-dozen or so lemon trees that aren't in this photo, and all of them are doing about the same. They are *just* starting to develop actual bark on trunks, so that's pretty good! They say that it usually takes about three years to go from seed to the plant producing fruit, so it'll still be a while. But it's kind of fun to know that I started these trees from seeds.

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Display Stands

Our science collection cabinet was getting a bit crowded and unorganized, so I came up with some display stands that I could cut with the laser. I even incorporated labels onto some of them, which makes it a lot nicer (when you know what you are looking at). I probably could still use to make some item-specific one-off stands, for some of the bigger items. But for now it looks much better.

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Record Player Cabinet

My dad asked me to build a record player cabinet for his retro-themed music room at his new condo. He wanted something a bit mid-century modern, but without the sharp corners right at eye level for grandkids. This is what we came up with. It's made from solid cherry, with sliding doors on the front to hold his record collection.

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Lasercut Signs

Here a couple of new lasercut projects. The first is a pair of signs I built up in layers of lasercut pieces, then painted. The second is a clock in the shape of a hotdog, because ... why not?

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Wailmer Linocut

Made another Pokemon linocut a while ago, but forgot to post it here. This one is Wailmer, which is one of my daughter's favorite Pokemon. This photo is of the cut block - I've pulled a print from it already, but don't have a photo of that yet.

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Sign For Emmie

A while ago my sister asked me if I could make a sign for her for her daughter's room. She had seen some that she liked on Etsy, but they were more expensive than she wanted to pay. Challenge accepted!

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