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I've been having a lot of fun making mugs lately, and experimenting with different shapes, sizes, glazes, and decorating techniques. I plan to make a whole bunch before Christmas, to give away at our Christmas party. Below are the two most recent batches.

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Kitchen Pull-Outs

I've been working my way through our kitchen, and adding pull-out drawers to all of the lower cabinets. It makes the space a lot more useful, and also a lot easier to access. I've also turned a few of our narrower upper cabinets into pull-outs as well (but forgot to take a picture of those) - turning one into a pull-out spice rack, one for cleaning supplies, etc.

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Refrigerator Pickles

We've had an 'accidental cucumber plant growing in our compost pile this year - best I can guess is that when I tore up the garden at the end of the season last year and tossed the leftover stuff on the compost pile, one of the cucumber seeds must have sprouted this spring. It's been producing a _ton_ of cucumbers, so sliced a bunch up to make a batch of refrigerator sweet pickles with them. I added some red and white onion too - I love pickled onions. Good stuff.

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Sleepy Gary

Carter and I were making stuff out of polymer clay a few weeks ago, and I made Sleepy Gary, from Rick and Morty. He's now on the shelf with my other Rick and Morty collectible stuff. For the base, I even tried to match the nasty color of the living room carpet from the episode Sleepy Gary was in.

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